Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Party Planning Tips

The key to a host/hostess enjoying their own party is organization. The time you take to get organized before the event allows you to enjoy your party along with your family and friends. Here are some tips to facilitate this:

Making lists of everything you need to do and purchase for your party is the first step in preparing to throw a party. From these lists, you can easily generate a schedule which enables you to set aside time for cleaning, shopping for food and decorations, decorating, and cooking.

Will you be preparing your own food or buying it ready made? Some items, such as veggie trays, meat trays, and even cakes can be purchased inexpensively from stores for close to what you could make them for. Decide early in the planning stage if you will be making your food or buying it – you may need to order early.

Any offers of assistance from family and friends should be taken advantage of. Having each guest bring one item to share can save you a lot of time and effort. This can also provide your menu with lots more variety than if you make everything yourself!

Non-perishable items, such as the napkins, paper plates, decorations, etc can be purchased well ahead of the party date. Fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and pastries or breads from the bakery will need to be picked up on the last shopping day.

Just following some of the above tips will get you off to a great start on your party planning!

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