Sunday, April 5, 2009

Planning a Little Girl’s Princess Party

Having a Princess Birthday Party will allow your little girl to feel like a real princess for her special day! A princess party works well for girls pre-school to around fourth grade. (This age limit will depend on the maturity of your child and their invited guests.) A princess party is sure to be a birthday your little girl will remember the rest of her life.

As with planning any type of party, the first thing you need to do is decide on the decorations, activities, and food to compliment your theme. Use a sheet of paper and a pen and start brainstorming for ideas which will make your Princess happy. This will help you to create your shopping list and a timeline to get everything organized on time.

Just about anything goes to decorate your home for a Princess Party. Pastel colours, especially pink and purple would probably work best. Pastel steamers and balloons, along with a matching tablecloth and napkins will be perfect! You can also purchase coordinated or contrasting coloured plates and cups. You might want to decorate the Birthday Girl’s chair with streamers and balloons, similar to a baby shower chair for a Mother-to-Be.

A trip to your local Dollar or Discount store will provide you with inexpensive feather boas, tiaras, high-heels and tulle skirts in a wide variety of colours which will transform your guests’ everyday clothing into an outfit fit for a princess. (You can let them take their outfits home.) To keep your little princess feeling special, you can have all of the guests wearing the same colour and the princess wearing a different colour. If you don’t want your princesses wearing tiaras, you can have them decorate their own “cone hats” with gems, confetti, and feathers. (You can purchase all of these from a local dollar or discount store.) Once they have decorated their hats, you can staple streamers or ribbons to the top of the hat so that they flow out when they move around. (These “costume” ideas can easily be adapted to a Fairy Party also. Just add some wings!)

“Princess May I?” is a good game to play. This is the same as the traditional game “Mother May I?” Have the guest of honor be the princess playing the role of the mother.

Another activity that little girls love is having their nails and hair done! This takes a bit of time to do but if you can recruit some helpers the girls will love it!! Once they are all “done up” you could take a picture of each child with a digital camera and send their mother a copy.

Dainty little sandwiches would be a good choice of foods to serve. You can cut them into hearts, diamonds and stars with cookie cutters. The beverage could be pink lemonade served in fancy plastic glasses or in tea cups. For your cake, you can choose either be a princess (the kind with a Barbie doll in the centre) or a castle. Both options are fairly easy to make, or they can be purchased at a grocery store such as Loblaws.

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